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For instance, I can write off my personal website, business cards, and other related expenses. If you teach or choreograph, you can write off any music that you purchase and use in class or performance. If I see a performance or purchase a dance publication, I consider these important parts of cultivating my business and finding work. I often have to pay for my own parking if a car is provided for me during performance weeks, as city parking is almost never free. 1. It’s open source, which also means it is free for commercial or private use. Ltd, Subject Matter Expert (Free Lancer/ Part Time) at Managed Network Vizag, and more. Who knows the next time you will be in the town that work has brought you. Whether it be an honest verbal thank you, a short note, or a follow-up email, let your employer know that you are appreciative and what you will take away/remember from your time working with the company.

You will need to write off these expenses in the state that they occurred. DON’T lie about your current physical state. I have been lucky that my lovely mother has done my taxes for me every year aside from this current one. Aside from preparing for Alaska Dance Theatre’s Cash & Cline program, I have been teaching about 8 hours a week in their school, and preparing a 2-part, 4-hour lecture series on Career Development for the students of ADT. Also, as I stated above, I gave one part of a 2-part lecture series on Career Development for dance students this past weekend. Use our career research tool to find more than just a list of careers – find the right long term career for you. All these are feelings for those who rely on a Career Consultant who makes the entire process simple and effective. If you care about the product you are pushing, there is a much better chance that you’ll be motivated to do a good job.

Most employees when forced to resign from a job do not adopt the “fight” path, because although the firm might be reluctant to go through with the hassles of terminating, most firms remain competent to establish grounds for termination. Some employers have found that giving employees enough flexibility in their working hours increases productivity and morale. I am lucky enough that a member of my extended family is an accountant and willing to help me out. Any good and moral employer understands that injuries do happen in the dance world and are usually more than willing to work with you and help you out. These short breaks are not only good for your physical health but also improve mental alertness and will help you perform better at work. The simpler the audit trail set-up, the more likely it is that the data will be analyzed and be of some use.

I believe that no person should dance more than 2-3 months without a week or two off. This can be done by reviewing your resume at least two more times. I was strongly considering doing my own taxes this year, but the prospect of working as an employee with 2 companies and freelancing/teaching with at least 10 others was daunting. Is it even possible to make money from mystery shopping, let alone a living doing it? I know that if I go abroad, I just need to find a computer somewhere, go online and make money. If you find recent jobs in Pakistan then you see that there are job related education sector where teaching and non-teaching jobs are available. DO find ways to develop yourself beyond dancing. One of the best ways to avoid burnout at work is by setting proper boundaries. Lastly, as I stated at the beginning of this post, dinners where work is discussed with the intention of action taking place can be written-off.

I always write directly on the receipt what was discussed for my records. Make sure that you keep clear records of the location that each of these expenses took place. There was a clear and concise passing of information. I know that the deadline to finish our taxes is near, but I hope this posting helps to clear up any confusion you may have while filing. If you come into a new rehearsal setting and constantly dance at 150%, you may injure yourself. Being given this opportunity by the wonderful staff of Alaska Dance Theatre to develop this workshop gives me a tool to make added income throughout the year. Thirty six hours prior to the convention, they emailed me without apology and told me that they lost their space for my workshop and wouldn’t need my service. I can offer this workshop to students across the country. Take advantage and see what the place has to offer!